Charter on health safety protocols




Madagascar Tourisme Safe

Dear Customer,

Because we prioritize your safety and that of our employees, we undertake, by signing this charter, to guarantee that you enjoy the highest possible level of health safety according to our specific sector and to apply the recommendations of the Covid-19 Good Health Practice Guides developed by the Ministry of Tourism, Meteorology and Transport, the Madagascar National Tourism Board and the Madagascar Tourism Confederation.

This charter and the recommendations of the 4 good health guides (see details on; may vary depending on the health situation and the legal obligations imposed by the Government.

The Good Health Practice Guide in our business sector is available at the reception desk and can be viewed on request.

Commitment 1 : Train and protect our staff

  • Our employees are informed of the risks of catching Covid-19.
  • The management and supervisory staff have been specially trained in the health protocols to be put in place and they will in turn train our entire team.
  • A Covid-19 go-to person has been appointed in our business.
  • Our staff have the appropriate equipment and cleaning products.

Commitment 2 : Improve hygiene

  • We are boosting the cleaning, airing and disinfection of our reception areas and equipment.
  • We are applying and complying with the recommendations in the Covid-19 Good Health Practice Guides to the best of our ability.

Commitment 3: Protect you during your stay

  • We are providing you with disinfectants in common or reception areas.
  • In waiting areas, we are setting up displays and floor marks to keep safe distances between customers.
  • We are installing a system to keep a safe distance in places that require it.
  • To keep you better informed of existing procedures in hotels, a specific display with the key elements of our health protocol can be seen in various departments: reception desk, all rooms, the restaurant, and common spaces in guest areas.
  • In order to guarantee your health safety, we require you, as well as our staff, to comply with protective measures (wearing a face mask, social distancing, cleaning and disinfecting hands) in all indoor and outdoor common areas.

Commitment 4: Stop the virus from spreading

We are facilitating checks the authorities make on our premises to ensure that the health protocols we undertake to apply in this charter are effectively implemented.

  • We are asking anyone with Covid-19 symptoms to report to our reception service.
  • We are referring anyone with Covid-19 symptoms to a healthcare professional or a Covid Operations centre.

So that businesses that have signed this charter can be easily identified, a badge will be posted at the entrance to our premises. A list of signatories will also be available on the MTTM, ONTM and CTM website platform

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