Sanitary measures



The Malagasy authorities and the various tourist stakeholders in Madagascar have developed some health measures intended to safeguard all tourists / holidaymakers coming to Madagascar from 1 October 2020.

The measures taken by the Malagasy authorities are summed up in the following fifteen (15) points.

Travellers are asked to:

  1. Produce a return ticket on arriving in Madagascar;
  2. Wear mandatory surgical masks throughout the duration of the plane journey and change them every 3 hours, and acknowledge that FFP 2 masks are reserved by the airline for suspected cases on board;
  3. At the airport, produce the result of a negative PCR test carried out within 72 hours before boarding the flight to Nosy Be;
  4. Comply with the health procedures in place at the airports: social distancing, preventive measures, filling out the Health Sheet, temperature taking, disinfection (tunnel, footbath, sanitiser, etc.)
  5. Have a mandatory PCR test done on arriving at the airport, for a fee of 100,000 Ar (about 25 euros) and borne by the tourist (Tests are free for flights on 1st and 3rd October, 2020) ;
  6. Observe a maximum 48 hours of lockdown at the person’s own expense while awaiting the results of that test;
  7. Have an operational international roaming or local telephone chip, a number on a call and messaging application, during their entire stay;
  8. Provide a valid email address in the landing forms;
  9. Report their trips to the place of residence where they are staying, if requested by the management;
  10. Refrain from travelling to the mainland of Madagascar and take note that only excursions to selected islands around Nosy Be are authorized;
  11. Apply the usual protective measures including wearing a face mask in all public places without exception, 1 meter social distancing and regular hand washing and disinfection;
  12. Report to the hotel reception service and/or local authority in the event of suspicious COVID – 19 symptoms.
  13. Submit a signed letter of commitment acknowledging the Covid-19-related health measures in Madagascar (See link below to download the letter of commitment)
  14. Submit a signed health letter of commitment for the Public Health Ministry (See link below to download the health letter of commitment)
  15. For travelers on Nosy be, take note of the specific sanitary measures (See link below to download the document)


The actors working in the Tourism sector have adhered to the Charter of good sanitary practices of Tourism in Madagascar, through which they commit to guarantee the implementation of the Covid-19 Guides of good sanitary practices set up by the Malagasy authorities. Indeed, tourist operators have been trained on the protocols of sanitary hygiene in order to offer tourists a pleasant stay in complete safety and serenity.


  • Specific sanitary measures for Nosy Be (Official French version) :pdf Download English translation :pdf Download