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Toamasina, the multifaceted city

Toamasina offers many tourist sites to absolutely see such as the following:

  • The Old Toamasina
  • The Place Bien Aimé
  • The Port of Toamasina
  • The North Coast
  • Itsidyllic Beaches

You will enjoy these various settings, aboard a rickshaw, a quad or even lying under a big umbrella.

Discover Toamasina

A moving city…

The city of Toamasina is the economical capital of Madagascar. It offers a variety of activities for the young and the old. The younger ones will appreciate the surrounding parks, the rickshaw and quad rides, and the beach soccer games. On the other hand, the older ones will enjoy cultural visits, bars and night clubs. There is something for everyone : the Ivoloina park for nature lovers, the Manda fort for cultural enthusiasts, Foulepoints for white sand beach fans, and Mahambo for surfers.


Discover Toamasina

…day and night!

During the day, enjoy the outdoor activities, from sunrise to the “bazaar be” market at sunset. At night, enjoy a friendly time at the waterfront to taste the local beef kebabs before heading for the bars and night clubs of the city center, making you dance until dawn.

Did you know ?

La Micheline

The Micheline is the oldest example in the world, of a train still in operation produced by Michelin. Next to Trans Lemur Express, these trains will allow you to connect Antananarivo to Toamasina. An experience to live!

A city rich in history

Toamasina is a crossing point in the Indian Ocean and preserves many vestiges from the 19th century. You can visit a city rich in history. You can learn more in one of its museums or walking streets that have preserved history. You can also go on a stroll in a rickshaw to the famous markets of “bazaar kely” and “bazaar be.”

Mahambo, surf destination

Mahambo is a seaside resort a few kilometers from Toamasina, and welcomes beginners and experienced surfers. Either supervised by professionals or in solo, you can come to surf on this well known spot for its waves and also for its reef barrier, ensuring the absence of sharks.

Mahambo is also far from the hustle and bustle of the city, so you will have a peaceful feeling, conducive to the practice of surfing.

Foulpointe, the lagoon barrier reef

This seaside resort offers postcard looking decent beaches, fine sand and turquoise waters. It will delight more than one with its golf by the sea, its suitable waters for snorkeling, and its pirates cemetery. If you feel the soul of a sailor, many outings at sea start from these banks.

A variety of tourist sites

For cultural visits, take a detour through the historic site of Fort Manda, the port museum or the university museum. In order for you to discover the local fauna and flora, the friendly staff of the zoological park of Ivoloina will welcome you and visit the site of the palm plantation of Melville with you. Finally, to immerse yourself in the local customs and get acquainted with the locals, take a walk in the markets and on the famous main street called the “edge.”

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