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Madagascar : surf destination !

Do you feel like riding fantastic waves at 28°C? If yes, then Madagascar is your destination. You’ll find spots all over the island offering you thrills along white sandy beaches.

Surfing on the big island

Go to discover virgin spots

Discover unknown lands, deserted beaches and incredible surf spots. Madagascar will be your next surf destination, with its unusual spots.

You will enjoy the joys of gliding after hiking in the lush forest of the island or after a long excursion in the southern desert. Surfing in Madagascar also means surfing the waves of the seaside resort of Mahambo (north of Toamasina), or Lavanono (in the extreme south of the country). For the younger ones, you can be initiated into surf camps around the famous coastline of Fort-Dauphin.

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The best time to surf ?

Madagascar welcomes you all year long to help you enjoy all it has to offer. However the best period to surf remains from September to October. The water’s temperature s between 23° to 25°C in Fort Dauphin and up to 29°C in Toliara, in the middle of February. It is a surf destination that cannot disappoint you.

Choose a surf spot in Mada !

The east coast is rich in good spots during most seasons, but there is also a spot in the north or Sambava (at the mouthpiece of the river).

You will be able to go surfing in the south towards Mahambo, Toliara, or Libanona. There is a bit of everything if you go further off the coast into the reef waves.


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