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The Highlands

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This central region of Madagascar offers many landscapes all more incredible than magical. Go for a walk along the 12 hills surrounding Antananarivo (the capital), or go for a walk in Antsirabe and its many natural baths. A multitude of places to discover and share with family or friends.

Antananarivo, Madagascar Capital : the city of the Thousand

Antananarivo is a real concentrate of what the island reserves in an urban framework. It is the capital of Madagascar, and is called “the City of thousands, referring to 1000 treasures to discover. With your family, visit a “rova,” a palace...

Antsirabe, the city of water

You can’t visit the Central Highlands without going to Antsirabe, located at 1500m of an altitude. You will recognize it by its numerous colorful rickshaws that line the streets. The city is famous for its textiles, tobacco, and agricultural...

Ambatolampy, city of the Merina lands

Small hamlet with undeniable charm, Ambatolampy is a small typical city of the Highlands region. It is located a few kilometers at the foot of the Ankarana massif and is well known for its foundries and production of aluminum objects. This is an...