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Nature and observation

Madagascar offers a lot of opportunities. Offering an incomparable wealth and various landscapes, climates and species, you will have the choice among many activities. Madagascar is the promise of an extraordinary journey !

Fauna and flora

Fauna and flora of Madagascar are incredibly rich. Scientists consider the island as a nature’s sanctuary and as the craddle of endemic species. You will discover there unique species in the world, with its close to 7 baobabs varieties, 19 000 plant species, and a fauna rich of more than 100 000 species. This exceptional uniqueness is especially due to its isolated place in the middle of the Indian Ocean. A colorful trip awaits you !

cameleon bleu ranomafana madagascar


The island of Madagascar is full of treasures to photograph. With endemic fauna and flora, you will be welcomed by very warmhearted people. Landscapes are more wonderful than the others, the “red island” (as it is nicknames) is ideal for a photo trip, and it will bring you into its stunning and incredible whirlwind !

Whales’ watching

Every year, from June to September, the humpback whales migrate off the northeast coasts of Madagascar, to procreate and give birth. Then, you can join a small group so as to embark to watch these impressive marine mammals which are hundreds to come here.

nageoire baleine madagascar

oiseau egret noir ankarafantsika madagascar


During a specialized excursion or walking in the nature, you will discover the rich and endemic avifauna of the island. Madagascar is rich of an exceptionnal faunistic and floristic biodiversity. You can watch these numerous birds living in the forests, distributed to the four corners of the island.

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