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From archipelagos to forests: the northern circuits of Madagascar

The northern circuits of Madagascar will delight those who cannot choose between the sea’s charms and the forests appeal. From Nosy Be to Diego Suarez’ bay, passing by the massif of Ankarana, it is the confrontation of the big blue and the big green.

Nosy Be and its archipelagos

Nosy be is one of the most beautiful islands of northern Madagascar. Want a “nature” tour, to discover the fauna of Madagascar? Do not miss the Lokobe peninsula: this primary forest allows you to observe a large number of lemurs, chameleons, birds and reptiles including impressive boas. You will be able to reach it in pirogue, with the pleasure of paddling with the company of fishermen. Waterfalls and sacred trees are also sites to come to admire, but the unmissable would be the sunset that you would observe at the top of Mount Passot. Near the island, embark to discover Nosy Sakatia or Nosy Komba, atypical islands, each having their own charm. On the program: fishing, exploring mangroves or visiting ylang ylang distilleries.Au départ de Nosy Be, From Nosy Be, embark on cruises and tours to archipelagos composed of truly heavenly small islands, or by the West coast of Madagascar which is full of countries gathering multiple traditional fishing villages. Sailing among dozens of canoes is an incomparable pleasure!
Fishing, snorkelling, or seascapes fan ? The archipelago of the Mitsio in the North, or that of the Radama in the South will be your flagship destinations!

Area of Andrafiamena – Andavakoera

In the pursuit of your northern Madagascar circuit, to the east of the National Road 6 which leads to Diégo Suarez, discover the Protected Area of Andrafiamena-Andavakoera which ideally complements that of the Tsingy National Park of Ankarana . 30,000 ha of forest are home to a very rare species of lemurs, black lemur or Perrier propitheca, whose this mountain area is the last refuge. 6 other species of lemurs and rare amphibians are also part of the natural resources of these places. Going up towards Diego Suarez, a stop at the “Red Tsingy” site is advised to bring back some spectacular pictures of these strange shapes with glowing colors! Plan a 6 hours circuit to join the Ankarana and start this adventure.

The bay of Diego Suarez and its surroundings

Diego Suarez is the second largest bay in the world and has some of the most beautiful beaches in Madagascar, including Ramena, a starting point for marine excursions to the emerald sea and its enchanting islets. For the more athletic, you can reach the bay of Sakalava: a high place for kitesurfing and windsurfing.
At the gates of Diego Suarez, the National Park of the Amber Mountain is made up of a very dense rainforest where ferns and orchids abound.

Ambanja and the Sambirano Valley

Continue your circuit “archipelagos and forests of Madagascar” by the discovery of the west coast of Madagascar. The small peninsula of Ankify and its landing stage will surprise you with its wonderful beaches nestled amidst surprising chaos of volcanic rocks. In this part of the West Coast, especially in the valley of the Sambirano river, flourishes plantations of cocoa, coffee, spices (vanilla, pepper, pink bay …) and perfume plants (ylang ylang, vetiver, patchouli …) that will delight the fine smells. A real “cultural tourism” is developed there to meet the villagers who have set up reception structures that guarantee a real immersion in rural areas. It is ideal if you want to understand the daily realities of the majority of the Malagasy population and discover the habits and customs of our welcoming population.

Ankarana Mountains

This circuit in the North of Madagascar will make you discover the Tsingy of Ankarana and its exceptional biodiversity. The Tsingy of Ankarana are traversed by a huge network of underground rivers which have created natural cathedrals where bat colonies live. This unusual massif is not limited to a simple mineral world as flora and fauna flourish there are among the most attractive of Madagascar. Batrachians and reptiles, birds and lemurs are innumerable and very easy to observe.
The discovery of the Tsingy of the Ankarana is one of the most imperishable memories that can be brought back from Madagascar! “


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