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Birdwatching in Madagascar

If you are dedicated to excursions or hiking in nature, you will discover the rich and endemic avifauna of the island. Madagascar has exceptional fauna and for a. You can observe these birds that live in the forests of the island.

A rich avifauna

Madagascar, exceptional ornithological site

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Madagascar is an ornithological full-scale park that combines an incredible variety of birds. Both the young and the old will appreciate this true paradise for nature lovers, where they can observe the birds of Madagascar in their natural habitat.

Go on an adventure there between October and December, to explore the many facets of Madagascar. You will be able to go birdwatching when you go trekking, hiking, camping, or when discovering the lemurs. An unrivaled animal world is offered to you!

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What birds to observe in Madagascar ?

You can watch the parrot vasa, the black parrot, the lovebird, the heron or the egret. The large migratory birds of Africa also come to breed in Madagascar during the wet season. The circuits make it possible to observe on average, more than 100 different species! You will be delighted by the ornithological beauty and richness of the island.


Where to observe the birds of Madagascar ?

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You will be able to observe these birds in national parks, generally all over the island. You will be able to cross Madagascar from Andasibe or Antananarivo to the southwest coast on different tours, where you will enjoy watching these magnificent birds, spot their song and better know them. You may rest from your trip later on, on the dreamy beaches of Ifaty.

If you prefer to watch the birds of Madagascar on your own, plan an outing in one of the national parks, especially in Diego-Suarez, where 75 species of rare birds live.