The Southeast

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Discover this wild region of the South East of Madagascar. There are many national parks but also a huge coastline where you’ll find dream beaches and the Pangalanes Canal, which crosses the whole eastern and southeast part of the island.

Ambositra, the city of roses

Ambositra is the city of art, culture, and crafts. You’ll discover that there are warm and welcoming people. Capital of the Zafimaniry territory, this people from the heights of Betsileo work the wood in a very refined way. This will be a trip...

Andringitra National Park

This National Park belongs to World Heritage of UNESCO. It is the second highest peak in Madagascar and is fomed of granit and gneiss. An exceptional adventure awaits you: splendid landscapes, picturesque villages, and incomparable diversity.

Fianarantsoa, capital of Betsileo

Madagascar's highland town, Fianarantsoa extends over three floors. With its traditional houses, its many churches and its wine culture, there are many things to visit ! True crossroads, it is located on the RN7 at 400 km from Tananarive in the...

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