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Other ways to travel in Madagascar

Fully enjoy the Malagasy atmosphere by planning a few of your trips or excursions with means of transport as charming as typical. Walk the cities of Madagascar to the rhythm of rickshaws and cycle rickshaws; and prefer the dhow or the Malagasy canoe, for your cruises along the rivers of the island, to discover the beauty of its banks.

Your dhow or canoe cruises in Madagascar

Along the Pangalanes or on the west coast of Madagascar, enjoy the lush nature of the island by its shores. In organized groups, equipped with fishing rods and sleeping bags, go on a dhow trip along the coast of the island. In small groups, sail aboard a canoe for a walk discoeryng the rivers and coastline near the island. These atypical boats will give you a special exotic flavor to your adventures and will allow you to see landscapes as varied as stunning.

The rickshaws of Madagascar

Car towed by a person on foot or by bicycle, the rickshaw is emblematic of Madagascar, giving the cities a very picturesque charm. Shrine of rickshaws, enjoy the discovery of Antsirabe to test this typical mean of locomtion!