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Madagascar : diving with turtles and rays

Madagascar is located on the Indian Ocean between Africa and Asia, and evokes feelings of discovery and adventure because of its rich and endemic biodiversity. There are many spots that are perfect for your next trip. The main ones are those in the area of Nosy Be, which offer sites of high quality diving. This is a golden opportunity to swim among turtles, stringrays or manta rays.

Scuba diving

An exceptional marine biodiversity

The marine biodiversity is exceptional. There is an extraordinary profusion of varieties of fish.

Many diving centers in Madagascar will welcome you for your outings so you can meet marine animals that live in these waters: coral fish, sea turtles, and even large cetaceans. You won’t ergret your diving trip.

Beginners can practice snorkeling in the shallow waters of Nosy Be and Tulear. Come and admire the underwater fauna that hide in the small rocks or the colorful corals of the seaside.


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The Gorgonian Forest (13-20 m)

The Gorgonian Forest is one of the most beautiful diving sites in Madagascar, and you absolutely have to dive it. You can observe this field full of gigantic gorgonian and marine animals of all kinds, in an exceptional atmosphere.

The Wrecks (26-30 m)

Live a magical diving experience while visiting four shipwrecks of small and medium sizes, covered with corals and hosting thousands of fish : big groupers, stingrays, guitar rays, bat fishes, etc.

Shark Point (18-50 m)

Off the coasts of Nosy Be, you will be able to observe reef sharks, such as whale sharks, black-tailed sharks, grey sharks, and hammered sharks, with an often better visibility than in other diving sites. This is a unique experience that you must not miss for your next trip.