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Andringitra National Park

This National Park belongs to World Heritage of UNESCO. It is the second highest peak in Madagascar and is fomed of granit and gneiss. An exceptional adventure awaits you: splendid landscapes, picturesque villages, and incomparable diversity.


A wild mountain range

One of the most beautiful parks in Madagascar, the Andringitra massif offers an incredible natural wealth. It is open to all, and large spaces’ and moutain walks’ lovers won’t be disappointed as a panoramic view awaits them! Despite the difficult access to the park (only 4×4), the park offers an exceptional wet rain forest and the opportunity to climb the Peak Boby which culminates at 2,658 m (2nd highest on the island).

chute d'eau andringitra madagascar



plaine parc andringitra madagascar

Andringitra offers many landscapes: meadows, small islands of forests, thickets and large expanses. A breathtaking show punctuated by an exceptional surprise: the Riambavy, 300 m high waterfall.

And, according to the legend, bathing in these waters would bring fertility. The surroundings of Andringitra Park also offer a rich cultural itinerary that will make you discover endearing people anchored in ancestral traditions.

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What species to see ?

You’ll discover an unsuspected wealth in this region of the Andringitra. 14 species of lemurs, but also many non-venomous snakes, chameleons and many birds with flamboyant colors.

Walk the slopes of Andringitra

Go on trek for 2-3 days in an exceptional setting. The massif offers various activities to do including trekking, in an exuberant and incredible nature. Camping, birdwatching, and trekking are the main activities to do in the park. The Pic Boby climb is also a must-do when you go to Andringitra. However, you should wear warm clothes because it can be very cold when the night comes out. For the most adventurous, the site offers climbing. A sporty trip, rich in adventure and discovery. Note that you also have the possibility to bivouac under tents.

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Where is the Andringitra National Park ?