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Ranomafana National Park

The Ranomafana National Park is located near the town of Fianarantsoa and covers nearly 41,600 ha of rainforest. Venture into the forest labyrinth and discover species you won’t see anywhere else on the island (including dangerous species).


An exceptional fauna and flora

Ranomafana National Park is a must-see when visiting the island. Indeed, it will make you discover an exceptional fauna composed of rare species, unfortunately endangered.

If you like nature and animals, you won’t be disappointed: many birds, butterflies, bats and lemurs live in these forests. You will also find unique plant species that grow only in this park. Various medicinal plans but also a wide variety of orchids, and carnivorous plants that litter the soil and trees.




The park is surrounded by mountain ranges where it is possible to make incredible hikes, which will please the most sporty.

When you leave the park, you will be face to face with a thermal pool and its baths near 38°C, renowned for its beneficial virtues. A small relaxation break after long hours of walkings

It is also recommended to provide impermeable clothes due to frequent rains, as well as anti-mosquito gels that will keep mosquitoes and leeches away.

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26 species of lemurs

26 species of lemurs were recorded, including two species of great rarity (hapalemur with camus nose and golden hapalemur). You will also observe many birds, as well as rare species.

What species will I see ?

The forest of the Ranomafana park is sub-humid evergreen and has been classified as a UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Site by the Antsinanana forests, with an extremely rich and varied fauna and flora. The tree-filled stratum is composed of many plants: palm trees, ferns, bird’s nest or orchids, you will have so much to observe. In addition to the many plants that line the forest, you can see many endemic animals. 

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What can you do ?

This magnificient park offers a multitude of activities. You must go to the great thermal baths of Ranomafana where you can enjoy a swim in its warm waters. You can also visit the Kelilalina Botanical Garden, 12 km from the park where you can observe endemic species.

For hiking or trekking lovers, many circuits are proposed. You won’t be disappointed.

Where is the Ranomafana National Park ?