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Andohahela National Park

The Andohahela National Park gathers three different climates and is incredibly rich in fauna and flora – A real crossroads between two worlds. It is classified as UNESCO World Heritage. It is a thrilling adventure that awaits you.


A crossroads between East and South

Andohahela has three different climates and landscapes. In the East, it is a warm and wet climate. In the West it is a warm and dry climate. And then in the middle, there is a zone of transitions between the two rainy climates. Diversity has thus generated an extremely rich biodiversity and the many endemic species found there. This is a true paradise for nature lovers and 90 percent of plant species are medicinal. You’ll also find numerous iguanas, lemurs, reptiles and birds there.

Go with your family or friends to visit this natural treasure, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will have the possibility of going trekking, hiking, and bivouac in the evening. Many accommodations are found, not far from the park, according to your desires and your budget. You will also find restaurants that serve local products.

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What species can you see ?

Because it is a true haven of biodiversity and has a variety of different climates, we can see lots of animal and plant species including dozens of lemurs, hundreds of birds with ultra colored feathers, and numerous reptiles and amphibians. Perhaps you will tremble, crossing the Do, which is a yellow snake spotted with brown and which can reach more than 3m long! An unforgettable stay in a unique park awaits you.

marcheurs andohahela madagascar activitésWhat to do in Andohahela ?

There is a variety of activities to do in Andohahela Park, including numerous circuits by foot or by bicycle.

Ride your bicycle through the beaten paths of the park and discover the various vegetation of the forest with its thorny bushes. The circuit of Malio can be done walking and leads to two passes of the same name, before descending to Talakifeno.

The park has many places that will provide you with the necessary equipment if you wish to extend your excursion for one night or more.


Where is the Andohahela National Park ?