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Isalo National Park

Isalo is in the heart of Madagascar, offering sumptuous landscapes. Between lush forests and high plateaus, arid to deserted lands, you will not be bored. It is one of the most beautiful parks in Madagascar, with many discovery circuits in it.*


“Malagasy Colorado landscape”

The Isalo National Park is a natural rock massif giving a reminiscent great America West vibe. Stroll through this Jurassic setting;, alternating between deserted landscapes and verdant canyons.

You will roam in completely arid zones with various colors and shapes. When you enter in the forest, it is not unusual for a lemur or a harmless serpent to welcome you.

You can roam on the rocks along the small streams, watch the Nymphs waterfall (which has carved the rock over time), or you can take a dip in the blue pool (a refreshing break during excursion).

The black pool is also worth a visit, but you are recommended not to bathe in it because the water is frozen.



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Isalo window

This boulder with the form of a window lets the sun pass, which is in its direct trajectory. Here you can observe one of the most beautiful sunsets of your life. That is an unforgettable memory.

Fauna and flora

What species live in these places?

The Isalo Park is a habitat to endemic rupicultural vegetation in its massive ruiniform from the Jurassic era. There are 116 medicinal species, and timber for furniture and handicrafts.

The forest is carpeted by the “tapia,” food of the landibe, a silkworm. You will also find a very specific fauna of the region but also many lemurs.

The park has 77 species of birds, where 70 percent are endemic – such as the Benson Rockbill, which is only found in Isalo. You will also find many other animals such as rock reptiles, giant eels and crocodiles!


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What to do in the Isalo Park ?

Numerous circuits are proposed in the Isalo Park, particulary those of the rat canyons and the monkey canyons.

Let yourself be tempted by a small hike or a more sportive trek through the granite rocks. The tour of the Portuguese cave or the canyon of Namaza are both also available.

Some providers will offer mountain bikes to rent, to go down the slopes of Isalo and discover the incredible landscapes that the park has to offer you, in another way.


Where is the Isalo Park?