Retrouvez dans cette rubrique les réponses aux questions fréquemment posées au sujet des mesures sanitaires*

*Ces questions / réponses concernent uniquement Nosy Be


  Do travellers have to bring their own face masks for the plane trip ?

Travellers should bring enough masks to cover the round trip and the whole of their stay. Surgical masks are recommended.

  Where can tourists get the Health Form ?

At the airport on arrival

  What happens if a traveller tests positive on arriving but has no symptoms ?

Asymptomatic travellers will be isolated in their hotel or place of residence and will receive appropriate medical treatment for 10 days.

If the hotel they have already booked into refuses to accommodate them during their quarantine, they will be sent to the Life for Madagascar Onlus clinic

  If an asymptomatic traveller has already booked a stay for less than 10 days, are they allowed to fly home or do they stay in quarantine for 10 days ?

The 10-day quarantine is mandatory

  In that case, who pays for the extra cost of accommodation and changing the return ticket for an asymptomatic traveller ?

Costs are borne by the traveller

  Where can tourists get the Letter of General Commitment and the Letter of Health Commitment ?

They can be downloaded from our website :

  • Letter of general commitment here
  • Letter of health commitment (Official French version – for print and signature) here English translation here
  Which islands around Nosy Be have been selected for authorisedexcursions ?

The Nosy Be islands selected for excursions are : Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Komba, Nosy Tanikely and Nosy Iranja

The following archipelagos can also be visited but only for scuba-diving or snorkelling (onshore trips banned) :

Radama and Mitsio

  How much is a PCR test ?

100,000 ariary (about €25)

  How are PCR tests paid for ?

The PCR test must be paid for in cash, in Euros at the daily exchange rate equivalent to 100,000 Ar.