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Updated March 6, 2020

No case of coronavirus (COVID-19) reported in Madagascar.

The authorities of Madagascar have taken a series of preventive measures to minimize the import and possible circulation of COVID-19 on its territory (Joint statement from the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Transport, Tourism and Meteorology on 02/03/2020).

Since the beginning of the worldwide spread of the outbreak, passengers at borders undergo temperature and symptom checks and the quarantine system has been put in place.

Airline companies are subject to a temporary restriction on the transport of passengers from China (Note from the Madagascar Civil Aviation Authority on February 4, 2020), and from countries listed by the World Health Organization as affected by the outbreak such as Italy, Iran, South Korea (Statement from the Ministry of Public Health on February 27, 2020).

The clearance of foreign boats is subject to prior control on board by medical doctors (Note from the Port, Maritime and River Authority on February 4, 2020).

International tourists can contact the National Tourism Board of Madagascar by email (*) for any information requests.



Hôtels d'exception

On the edge of heavenly beaches, or right next to national park borders, enjoy an unforgettable stay in some of Madagascar’s beautiful luxurious hotels. Along with your trips to uncover the island treasures, your stay will be of royal comfort with some of the following : spa, hummam, Jacuzzi, gourmet cuisine. These are at rendez-vous in Madagascar’s best hotels.

Hôtels standards

The island has hotel offers to welcome you during your holidays. Discover typical, charming, or European-style hotels along the coast, on the outskirts of parks, or in the heart of Malagasy cities. To plan your tour at its best, you’d better enjoy circuits which integrate hotels as you go on the island.

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Hôtels pas chers
Chez l'habitant

What is a better opportunity to get in touch with the Malagasy than homestaying? There are some very beautiful homes to stay at, in Tana, as well as ones by the seaside resorts. You may also homestay in a bush village and learn a few Malagasy words, to get more comfortable with the Malagasy culture.

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