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Vanilla, precious spice of Madagascar

Madagascar is the main vanilla producer in the world with more than 30 000 hectares of plantations on the island. Discover this sweet and captivating spice cultivated with passion by the numerous local producers. It’s in the region of SAVA, in the northeast of the island that you will appreciate large areas of vanilla plantations, and purchase some pods of vanilla from Madagascar!


Wake up your senses in the kingdom of vanilla

From the Northeast to the East coast of the red island, go on a 4×4 raid to discover the “Magic Triangle” of Madagascar.

Start your tour tasting seafood on the idyllic beaches of Nosy Be, then go to fish in the deep waters off the the Emerald Sea, to finally finish your tour by discovering a plantation of vanilla from Madagascar, cocoa, and tropical fruits in the region of SAVA

You will meet adventure and fine cuisine at every step of your trip !

gousses de vanille de madagascar

Where to find vanilla from Madagascar ?

If vanilla is scattered throughout the island, it is mostly cultivated in the SAVA region of the northeast of the island. You can also discover it around Diego Suarez and Toamasina where the plantations are numerous. Nevertheless, you can buy it by roaming the numerous picturesque local markets.

The black gold of Madagascar

Taste the Bourbon vanilla

The vanilla known as “Bourbon” is a label that confirms its provenance. Only the islands of Reunion, Comoros, Mauritius and of course Madagascar can bear this name.

Bourbon vanilla, which is very appreciated by top chefs, can be savoured in many ways.
On the fresh way, the vanilla pod is splited in two to collect the small black seeds and perfume your dishes, pastries and drinks.

You can also make your own extract of vanilla by macerating pods in alcohol protected from light for about 6 months.