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Zahamena National Park

How to come to Madagascar without visiting the beautiful park of Zahamena on the eastern forests of the island… Classified as a World Heritage Site, this park is full of rich and varied fauna and flora that you can observe throughout your excursions.


Cradle of an exceptional wealth

This one of the most beautiful parks of Madagascar because of its biclimate both maritime and terrestrial, it’s the reason why the Zahamena Park has been classified World Heritage of Humanity. There is an incomparable floristic and faunal diversity with an endemism rate of almost 100%. Indeed, there are nearly 112 species of birds, some very rare. But you will also find many lemurs, bats, reptiles and butterflies always more colorful than the others.

There is an exceptional vegetation where you won’t risk to miss numerous plants which cover the forests: orchids, epiphytes, and other carnivorous plants. The site is protected and local populations are fighting to preserve and to value this site so dear to the Malagasy. The Zahamena Park will make you discover all the beauty of the forests of the East of Madagascar.

Natural pool of Bemoara

During your excursions in the circuit of Bemoara, you’ll be able to refresh in this nice natural swimming pool with the paces of refreshing oasis. Another trasure this fabulous park has to offer.

Tyto Soumagnei : the rare bird

This owl-like bird is an extremely rare nocturnal predator. This is why it’s a protected species. It’s found only in the forests of eastern Madagascar. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see it…

Where is the Zahamena National Park ?