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Ambatolampy, city of the Merina lands

Small hamlet with undeniable charm, Ambatolampy is a small typical city of the Highlands region. It is located a few kilometers at the foot of the Ankarana massif and is well known for its foundries and production of aluminum objects. This is an authentic gateway in the countryside of Madagascar, not far from the capital.


Tradition and authenticity

A small rural town on the Rn7, between Antananarivo (the capital) and Antsirabe, Ambatolampy is an enjoyable crossing town where locals and tourists like to stop when they go down to the south. Ambatolampy offers a cool and temperate climate where you can find some trout and snail farms. The city is also famous for the artisanal manufacture of aluminum tools, utensils and art objects. Indeed, you will find many family foundries where you can buy some objects and knick-knacks.


The region also contains numerous copper and bronze workshops where you can buy some souvenirs. If you feel like it, you can visit the Museum of Nature, where you can see many beetles and butterflies of Madagascar.

And if that’s not enough, go for a ride in the ancient royal residence, called the rova of Tsinjoarivo, overlooking the impressive Ambavaloza Falls.


Tsiafajavona mount

Nature lovers and hikers would not be disappointed. Tsiafanjavona is at 2650 meters above sea level and when you get to the top, you will see incredible landscape. While you are climbing, you will discover places of sacred cults, a forest of pine trees extending on about 9000 acres of land, where waterfalls and ponds come to add to the beauty of the place that is already there.

Gastronomic discovery in Behenjy

Behenjy is the town that is not so far from Ambatolampy that is famous for its foie gras that is said to be the best in Madagascar. It’s equally famous for its “menakely,” which are very tasty rice fritters.

You will have a chance to eat tasty sausages and chicken, roasted with local spices, and sold by old station merchants.


foie gras behenjy ambatolampy madagascar

The aluminium founderies

Ambatolampy is famous for its manufacturing of aluminum objects and many artisanal foundries are passed down in the family from generation to generation. The aluminum that is used comes from recycled items like tools, car parts, utensils, etc. You will always find a small souvenir to bring back with you made out of aluminum, in Ambatolampy.

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