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Marojejy National Park

You should go for a ride in the sublime park of Marojejy to see its misty massif. In an indescribable land of mystery and escape, you will be able to stroll through the depths of thick primary forests and watch this nature sanctuary and its amazing biodiversity closely.

Marojejy Massif

A breathtaking landscape

The Marojejy National Park is located in northeast Madagascar between cities of Andapa and Sambava. This unique massif contains and enigmatic and mysterious atmosphere. It is often described as a wonder of nature, and you cannot ignore the excess of its scarps and its high cliffs, where there is impenetrable mist. Be prepared to climb, because Marojejy overflows with steep reliefs offering sublime landscape to the nature lovers.

You will discover rich biodiversity and incomparable fauna and flora awaits you there such as ferns, palms, birds, lemurs, amphibians, and reptiles of all kinds. The park is open all year long but the best times to go are from April to May and from September to December when rains are rare.


Marojejy a sanctuary of nature

The Marojejy massif is recognized worldwide for its exceptional biodiversity. There are 4 different types of forests, with a multitude of ferns, palms, and flowers that will delight all the nature lovers. There are also many animals such as boophis or sanzinia. The park is full of colorful birds with endemic species such as the blue coua or siketribe, but also white-fronted lemurs. If you feel like it, you can admire an old fossil of the famous takthajania perrieri, a plan of the dinosaur period, discovered 120 million years ago.

What can you do ?

Sport enthusiasts will not be outdone. This park offers numerous camps to stay at. After pacing the meanders of the rainforest, you will only want one thing and that is to rest. The more adventurous will be able to cross the park more sportively during special activities such as treks or specialized hikes. Many providers will offer you customized trekking hours or hiking hours, where you will be able to admire the rich and colorful nature that the park offers.

Where is the Marojejy National Park ?