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Masoala National Park

The Masoala region, especially the Cape Park, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an exceptional location thanks to the diversity of its landscapes and the activities that can be done there. You will discover a unique and incredible spot where all dreams are allowed. A wide choice of hiking, diving, and cultural visits is offered to you.

Discovering the park

Masoala National Park

Masoala is located in northeastern Madagascar, in the region of Diego Suarez, and it is the largest protected area of the island. Masoala is one of the greatest hotspots of global biodiversity. That is why it has been declared as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2007. Half of the endemic plan species are observable in the park. You will also find a great diversity of animals such as red ruffed lemurs, aye-aye or tomato frogs there. Different adjustable excursions are available there to explore the wet and dense forests of the region: You will discover a world filled with life and surprises like waterfalls and old railways.

Masoala is one of the rarest Malagasy regions that has managed to connect the forest to the sea. Three marine sites are accessible, where you can do diving or snorkeling activities. It is also the humpback whale region, where they come to mate and give birth in the bay of Antongil, offering the possibility to observe them.


Nosy Mangabe

Nosy Mangabe is part of Masoala Park, and is located in the heart of Antongil bay. It recounts the vestiges of the great visitors of the island, who came to make a stop on the Indies route. It will be normal for you to come across inscriptions engraved in the rock of former Dutch sailors who recount their adventures.

Activities for everyone !

The Masoala region offers many different activities: trekking or hiking in the wet forests of the park, kayaking, diving or snorkeling in the warm and turquoise waters of Antongil Bay. You can also enjoy cultural and historical excursions. Numerous tours and excursions are proposed by local guides who will make you discover the most beautiful places of the region.

Where is the Masoala National Park ?