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The archipelago of Nosy Be, a postcard landscape

Nosy Be is the main island of an archipelago of a dozen small islands. It is called the island of perfumes because of its scents of ylang ylang, sugar cane and spices. It is a land of dreams and adventure, and you can practice many activities there. You can also enjoy the heavenly beaches littering the coasts.

An idyllic archipelago

The pearl of the Mozambique canal

Situated in the Mozambique Canal, near the north-western coast of Madagascar, Nosy Be is called Ambariobe (“the great island”) by the inhabitants of the region.

This volcanic island of approximately 320 km² is the ideal starting point for cruises to paradisiac archipelagos, or to the west coast of Madagascar.

Nosy Be contains many other surprises! The island is overflowed with a dense forest sprinkled with volcanic lakes, and an exceptional fauna and flora.

The archipelago has many islands that are very easy to visit. The most famous are Nosy Komba, Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Sakatia, and Nosy Iranja.


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deux lémuriens sur une branche madagascar

Nosy Komba, the lemurs island

The largest and most populous island after Nosy Be is Nosy Komba. It contains many varities of lemurs protected by the local “fady” meaning forbidden. This means that they are sacred. By hiking or trekking, you will enjoy its wild nature and its deserted beaches with turquoise waters.

Nosy tanikely

Nosy Tanikely and its marine park

Nosy Tanikely is located at the South of Nosy Be.

This island is the most visited one. It’s also a real live aquarium, with exceptional marine life and one of the most beautiful scuba diving sites of the region. Since 2010 Nosy Tanikely has become a marine national park and also a protected site.


ile nosy sakatia nosy be madagascar

Stroll to Nosy Sakatia

This small island is very quiet, and is only 10 minutes by boat from Nosy Be. There is a great dive site and great forest trails where you will discover wild orchids, bats, chameleons, and other species of fauna and flora. If you are feeling lucky, dolphins will come to greet you during your diving session!

Nosy Be, an archipelago of discoveries

A full-fledged destination

Beyond it’s stunning beaches, Nosy Be is a full-fledged destination.

It is one of nature lovers favorite places for sports and terrestrial and maritime discoveries.  In family, in pairs, in solo or with friends, go meet the population of the island and enjoy the many activities offered by the archipelago. There are so many activities to do and to discover in such an extraordinary place like the following: excursions, diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, cruises, kitesurf, hiking, trekking, raids in quad or motorcycle, and horseback riding.


nosy be madagascar snorkelling go pro sous l'ocean

phare nosy be madagascar excursion

Stunning beaches, but not just that!

There are many tourist sites in Nosy Be. Organize a trekking tour or a quad excursion for yourself and go discover the Nosy Be waterfall. You can bathe in the midst of a luxuriant vegetation, begin the ascent of the Mont Passot (the highest peak of Nosy Be), and admire a 360° view of breathtaking landscapes that the island has to offer.

The island is full of little discoveries to make you want to come !


Where is Nosy Be ?

The small pearl of the Canal of Mozambique, is on the North coast of Madagascar.
Regional Office Tourist of Nosy Be
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