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Visit the Bemaraha National Park

The Tsingy was the first refuge for the inhabitants of the island and it is located 820km west of Antananarivo. The Tsingy offers one of the most spectacular landscapes in Madagascar. This is why it was the first UNESCO World Heritage Site, followed by the Bemaraha park. You will be able to admire these fabulous landscapes with sharp spikes.

Tsingy de Bemaraha

An incredible natural reserve !

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The Tsingy was classified as UNESCO World Heritage in 1990 and occupies a part of the limestone plateau of the same name that is a part of the Bemaraha National Park which was classified as UNESCO World Heritage in 1997. The Tsingy is one of the most spectacular landscapes of Madagascar with its network of rifts, crevasses, and limestome blocks that are carved in sharped blades.

Millions of years ago, this region was buried beneath the sea. Corals and shells were stacked and welded together to form a huge plate of 200m thick. The water gradually retreated, leaving the limestone in the open air, forming diaclases and canyons.

After that, the rain begain its long erosion work on the surface and in the depth. The “roof” of the Tsingy can reach very high temperatures while at the bottom of the canyon, the vegetation has difficulty tending towards the light to get vital photosynthesis.

With its breathtaking landscapes, the Bemaraha National Park is the first place of visit in Madagascar. You won’t be disappointed.



An incredible natural wealth !

The Bemaraha Reserve has a considerable number of endemic and diverse species. Nearly 400 animal speacies (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians) are listed in the park, and no less than 900 native plants of the island grow there.

oiseau sur son nid madagascarDiscover the tsingy

It is recommended to hire a guide when surveying the maze of these limestone cathedrals. Besides, it is obligatory to hire a guide when visiting the Tsingy of Bemaraha. Make sure you have good walking shoes and a comfortable outfit.

Tours are organized and adapted according to the amount of time you want to spend and your whether you want to go far or close.



pont suspendu tsingy de bemarahaWhat activities are offered?

Two large rivers cross the park and those are ! The Tsiribihina and the Manambolo. When you are accompanied by your guide, you will travel in a pirogue through these rivers that border steep gorges that are the sharp points of the tsingy.

For the more sporty, you will have the opportunity to go trekking or bike riding through the plateau of Bemaraha. Vacuum lovers will also be able to opt for a session in the limestone wells and in the impressive underground cavities of the rock. If you wish to explore the underground galleries of the canyongs, caving tours are also available.


Bemaraha, discover a magic landscape

Perfectly arranged by Madagascar National Parks, you can admire these thousands of hectares of sharp points. The park of Bemaraha proposes short hiking tours but also more challenging treks.