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Tulear, South capital

Tulear, also called Toliara, is the capital of the southern region of Madagascar. The city is bathed by the sun all year long, and offers a rich cultural life. You will discover a warm and welcoming population in an incredible setting. It is located at the end of Rn7. It’s a long journey from the capital to go there, but you will love to relax on its dreamy beaches!


The city of the sun

Tulear is at the end of Rn7, bordering the Mozambique Canal. With its variety of ethnic groups, the city offers thousands of bright colors in a concert of atmospheres punctuated by tsapiky music that fills the streets and reveals the conviviality of their hosts. You’ll discover a rich cultural life with numerous museums. On the way to the commercial port, you will find the Maritime Museum which exposes collections of shells and fossils from the sea. The Mahafaly Museum of Arts and Traditions is a must-see place during your visit. This small museum traces the evolution of crafts and customs of the Great south! In addition to cultural venues, Tulear contains many bars and restaurants where you can enjoy local flavors from India, China, and Europe.


Antsokay’ arboretum

Created in 1980 by a Swiss botanist amateur, this botanical park’s mission is to work for the conservation of endemic southwest flora and for the reproduction of threatened plant species due to deforestation. You will have the opportunity to walk around and admire the many plants, but to also see the few mammals and reptiles that occupy the place? It is 12km from Tulear, and is a little environmentally friendly park.

Ifaty beaches

Not far from Tulear; to the north, there is a charming seaside resort: Ifaty. You will adore its beautiful beaches next to authentic fishing villages. Amazing lagoons will offer you pleasant surprises both underwater (coral fishes) and on the waves, which are constantly animated by traditional Vezo fisherman’s dugouts. Treat yourself by just relaxing, snorkeling and diving.

Honko, the mangroves’ reserve

Halfway between Tulear and Ifaty, Honko reserve is an important ecological reserve of mangroves. You can observe 7 mangrove species and 35 rare bird species. A guided tour will allow you to familiarize yourself with the mangrove and enjoy a remarkable view over the canal. Kayaking, hiking, or trekking: sports enthusiasts and nature lovers won’t be disappointed! Moreover, visiting the reserve contributes to the preservation and the protection of the mangrove forest ecosystems of the Southwest.

Anakao, a Vezo fishing village

Accessible by boat from Tulear, Anakao is a small picturesque village with breathtaking landscapes. Along the beaches you’ll see traditional nomadic fisherman huts coming from the South. These are Vezo tombs, Malagasy culture beliefs that you will get a change to discover. At the same time, you will enjoy a rich vegetation bordering turquoise and transparent beaches. Ideal for diving, snorkeling and surfing, Anakao is interesting in all of its aspects.

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