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The lemur, an emblematic species of Madagascar

Lemurs are a monkey species endemic to Madagascar. You can only find the five families of this atypical monkey on the “Great Island.” They can be found in National Parks, natural reserves; or in their simplest habitat, the rainforest. Malagasy fauna will give a little magic to your excursions during a forest hike, your outings in the Great South; or your birdwatching tours.

What is a lemur ?

The endemic monkey of Madagascar

deux lémuriens sur une branche madagascar

Considered to be the monkey’s ancestor; you will only see the lemur in its natural habitat: Madagascar. Lemurs are very smart animals, some species like the Sifaka; are very comfortable with humans. It is normal for a lemur to lodge on your shoulders during your outings in the forest.

Nowadays, there are more than 100 species of lemurs. Each one can be found in Madagascar: either at the Tsimbazaza Zoo, in one of the numerous national parks, or in the wilderness. The places where they can be observed are innumerable and new species are still discovered today, such as the dwarf lemur of Ankarana.


The famous maki catta

Recognizable by its black and white ring tail, maki catta is the most popular species of the lemur. It takes its name from its mewing and its purr, similar to the cat (from which it takes its name). The Maki Catta can be found in the tropical forests of the south of the island as well as in various national parks. Several places are suitable to observe, the most spectacular will be in the Isalo National Park, the private reserve of Berenty, or even in the Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park.

The sifaka, the dancing lemur

The Sifaka has developed a particular means of locomotion, due to its habitat being in the trees. It moves on two legs by large lateral leaps.

You will easily recognize it, thanks to its thick coat ranging from white to black and its tail longer than its body. They are comfortable with humans and might approach you to beg for a banana during your outings.

The aye-aye, the nocturnal lemur

Because the aye-aye lemur is very solitary and discreet, you will only see it at night. It’s one of the rarest nocturnal species. It is a very original lemur with its bat ears, squirrel tail and its one finger that is longer than the others. To discover it, you would have to venture into the Malagasy forest depths and discover the secrets that the island contains.

Endemic species and subspecies of Madagascar


All lemur species are only found in Madagascar. They supposedly arrived from Africa, but their origin remains a mystery. Madagascar remains the only place in the world where these atypical monkeys can be observed in their natural habitat.


Discover the lemurs of Madagascar

While you are on the island, you will have no trouble discovering lemurs in their natural habitat, particularly in National Parks since they are generally very noisy!

A guide will take you to the most visited spots, depending on the species you want to see. Some types of lemurs are very sociable and not very fierce, and you will not have difficulty approaching them.

However, don’t tease these animals to avoid scratches and bites. They are used to living in groups, and you will have more chances of meeting families (with their children), once it is night time.



lémurien accroché branche madagascar

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