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The ravintsara, the essence of aromatherapy

Globally known, the ravintsara, literally “the tree with the good leaves” produces an essential oil that overcomes many viruses and infections. In cream, pill or even inhalation, it will become your indispensable partner for winter !

An organic miracle cure !

The essential oil of Ravintsara

Nowadays a must in any book of phytotherapy, this oil will cure young and old ! It is extracted from the camphors of Madagascar, recognized as producing an incomparable essential oil. Very accessible, you can find essential oil of Ravintsara in markets and local shops. Extracted by distillation and without additive, the Ravintsara is entirely natural. Antiviral, immunostimulant and antidepressant, the ravintsara represents a medicine with a thousand vertues. You can swallow, inhale or apply it on your skin to defeat infections, diseases, strain or even hepatisis.

Did you know ?

The medicinal tree

The ravintsara, literally “the tree with good leaves” is also called “the medicinal tree”. The Malagasy use it to cure various infections, but it would also remove the evil eye and stimulate positively the spirit. Some beliefs reveal that the ravintsara would allow traveling in its subconscious.

The ravintsara, your n°1 asset for winter

You can use this miracle oil in various forms : in your bath, in compress, for your massages, in pills, by inhalation or simply by diffusing in your house. It has many benefits for the skin, but especially for the respiratory tracts. The ravintsara will protect you or treat you from respiratory and ENT infections such as bronchitis, flu or sinusitis, but it will also have skin benefits on infections like herpes. Only advised against pregnant women, the ravintsara will protect you on a daily basis and will help to overcome the winter diseases of the young as well as the oldest. So the Ravintsara essential oil is the unavoidable souvenir to bring back from your trip !