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The Tsingy of Madagascar, a geological curiosity

Made by erosion, the Tsingy of Madagascar are fossilized shells’ formations. Admire them into fantastic landscapes, the immensity of the Tsingy remember us a forgotten era : the Jurassic.

The Tsingy

What is it ?
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Visible in several Madagascar’s regions, the Tsingy are wide areas of limestone and friable rocks madeof fossilized shells. Million years ago, Madagascar was still attached to Africa’s continent…

Don’t forget to bring suitable clothes as there are deep cavities on the Tsingy ground, and the humidity level is very high there and the plants tend to go up to reach the light. In opposite, the top of the Tsingy is very dry and the temperature can reach very high levels.

You will find these rock formations in three main regions of Madagascar, especially the Melaky’s region, Diego Suarez’s and Diana’s one, the two first are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the Tsingy by your own means, or accompanied by a guide who will explain you in details all the formation process of the Tsingy.

Parc national de Bemaraha

Parfaitement aménagé par Madagascar National Parks, vous pourrez admirer ces milliers d’hectares de pointes acérées. Le parc national Tsingy de Bemaraha propose des courts circuits de randonnée mais aussi des treks plus sportifs. 

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Visit the Bemaraha National Park

The Tsingy was the first refuge for the inhabitants of the island and it is located 820km west of Antananarivo. The Tsingy offers one of the most spectacular landscapes in Madagascar. This is why it was the first UNESCO World Heritage Site,...

réserve spéciale ankarana tsingy madagascar

Special reserve of Ankarana

Also protected site, this reserve is located in Diego Suarez region and is composed of a limestone plateau which is less than 300m of altitude !

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The Red Tsingy

A 50 km au sud de Diego Suarez se trouve un groupe de tsingy unique car ils sont rouges. Issus de l’érosion, le mélange de différents oxydes et le temps qui a passé ont donné naissance à ces si singulières cheminées de feu.

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